Xerox Wide Format Printers

Xerox Wide Format Printers

Xerox Wide Format Printers

Xerox machines are superior to their competitors in many ways. Not only are the faster than most other office equipment, whether we’re talking about copiers for small businesses or large production machines such as wide format printers, they also produce outstanding quality.

Full colour posters with exceptional colours and tones can be printed in seconds with Xerox machines, such as the Wide Format IJP 2000 printer.

Looking at this machine, the results speak for themselves. As you’ll see in the below video, the industry average wide format order is approximately 36 prints, which would normally take about 5 hours to complete the task.

However, on the Xerox IJP 2000, this can be completed within 5 minutes. Furthermore, the prints come out dry which means that valuable time is not wasted waiting for ink to dry.

As the owner of a production printer, one of your largest costs must be ink. You probably feel like you’re forever replacing it. This model of wide format printers is lighter on ink, as it can use up to 50% less than traditional wide format printers that use inkjet technology, depending on what is being printed.

Have a look below at this video that explains exactly how and why this printer is superior in quality and output:

As a trusted name in the printing and office equipment industry, Xerox only selects partners and suppliers, such as DocX, that can be trusted to deliver the service and superior products that the company has built its reputation on.

You can get the Xerox IJP 2000 and other wide format printers from DocX, as well as a variety of other machines, from wireless printers to consumables like paper and ink.

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