Xerox ColorQube Printers – Saving Money and the Environment

Xerox ColorQube Printers – Saving Money and the Environment

Xerox ColorQube Printers – Saving Money and the Environment

Document Excellence sells a range of Xerox’s revolutionary ColorQube printers. These printers are special because they use modern ink technology. Unlike traditional printers which use fluid or liquid ink, or toner powder, the Xerox ColorQube range of printers uses solid ink.

This technology has been around since the late 1980s and has been perfected by Xerox. Not only will you get brighter, more vibrant colours with this kind of ink, you’ll also be doing the environment a favour.

This is because these Xerox printers generate up to 90% less waste than other types of inks, because there is no need to dispose of any cartridges that are associated with traditional inks. Similarly, the ink does not produce toxic waste and is also therefore safe to handle.

What’s more, ColorQube printers are able to tackle a number of different printing functions, so you can print on a wide range of materials. This makes them ideal for almost any industry.

Have a look at this video on just how innovative this solid ink technology really is. Perhaps the greatest part of this is that the people responsible for developing and perfecting the technology are so thrilled to bring this innovative technology to their clients so that printing is easier, cheaper, faster and better:

These printers can also reduce printing costs drastically. Xerox owns the market on this technology, and they use only professional and knowledgeable partners and resellers to supply their office equipment.

That is why DocX is the obvious choice when it comes to revolutionary equipment, whether for home, office, or production use.

You need not worry about the quality of your printing anymore, nor concern yourself over how you are going to fund the continually resource-draining price of ink.

Save time and money, and create the best quality work you have produced in your career, starting today, with a Xerox ColorQube printer.

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