World Record – New 3D Printed Apartment Building and Villa in China

New 3D Printed Apartment Building and Villa in China

World Record – New 3D Printed Apartment Building and Villa in China

It seems as though WinSun is a name we’re all going to be familiar with very soon. It’s a company that is emerging quickly in the 3D printing industry and since last year, they’ve certainly been getting a lot of work done.

In March 2014, the company claimed to have printed 10 houses in 24 hours, a feat that no one would have thought possible just a decade ago.

This mass printing of houses last year was made possible by four high-tech 3D printers with a height of 6.6 metres, a width of 10 metres, and a length of 40 metres. The main materials used were cement and construction waste, and one of the most remarkable features of these houses is that, besides being printed within a day, the cement also dried incredibly quickly. The secret, however, is still closely held by WinSun on just how they developed this ultra-quick-drying cement.

After this impressive display of the power of 3D printers that other 3D printers in South Africa and around the world can’t yet match, one would think that WinSun would be hard-pressed to match this feat, but they’ve made headlines again. They have created the first ever printed apartment building and villa in China. As with all of their work, the parts were printed within the factory and were then assembled on site. The design of the parts is quite simple yet genius. For example, walls printed are hollow and are reinforced with a pattern that zigzags, but they still allow space within for insulation.

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We all know that 3D printing truly is the way of the future — between 30% and 60% of construction waste is salvaged, and buildings can be completed 50% to 70% faster. Moreover, an estimated 50% 80% can be saved in labour costs.

While the printing of a villa and an apartment building is certainly impressive, this is far from the end of the road for WinSun if what they say is any indication. Indeed, the company has their eyes set on the 3D printing on a much larger scale — bridges and skyscrapers.

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