Why Laser Toner Cartridges are a Great Printing Choice


Why Laser Toner Cartridges are a Great Printing Choice

Whether you have just bought new office printers or have chosen to rent printers for your business, your choice in cartridges is essential. Not only will this be ideal for cost savings but you will also be able to get the best quality printing from your machines. Finding the right cartridges can be time-consuming, which is why toner cartridges from Xerox should be your first choice.

When it comes to printing brands, Xerox is undoubtedly one of the best choices you can make, as it provides you with value for money and great printing abilities. Toner cartridges last longer than conventional laser ink cartridges and this means you can get more pages out of every unit. Whether you rent printers or buy your own, printer cartridges will be an ongoing expense for your business, so make sure that you choose wisely to avoid spending too much on consumables.

Xerox has a range of toner cartridges that work to make your life easier in the office. They invented toner six decades ago, so you can get great performance from their products. Xerox’s replacement toner cartridges are triple tested for manufacturing quality and are also tested to make sure that they provide only the best quality for your printer product. This is a great option if you are looking to print a variety of documents on a regular basis, and need reliable printing support.

Helpful Cartridge Tips

Make sure that your printer cartridges have been designed to be recyclable. This means they can be remanufactured and not have a negative effect on the environment. Further, make the most out of your printing by printing on both sides of the paper if possible. This will save additional costs as well.

Moreover, you can reduce your energy expenses by switching off devices that you do not use often. You can also choose to rent printers that are energy-efficient and switch off automatically.

Additionally, print only when you need to, instead of printing unnecessary quantities to avoid needless costs and allow your cartridges to last longer.

Document Excellence allows you to rent printers and copiers for your unique needs. We are an authorised Xerox distributor and offer a range of printing solutions. Contact us today to get the best Xerox machines and consumables for your business.

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