What is Digital Printing? [Infographic]

What is Digital Printing? [Infographic]

Digital printing is a process of transferring a document or image stored on a MAC or PC onto a printing medium such as a card, paper or even textile. The image on your computer is automatically subdivided into four basic colours – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This is what is commonly referred to as CMYK. Our large format printers for sale at DocX are ideal for many digital printing jobs.

When it comes to digital printing and buying the right printer, there are a few things to consider, like security issues. Make sure that you run a Windows 7 operating system, or higher, for optimal security; older printers do not offer advanced features, and may therefore be specific to some printing environments. There are several producers of digital printing presses and machines-with the market leader in high volume devices being Xerox.


Some software licenses are not transferrable with a product. Therefore, you may want to consider used equipment to offset any claims on infringement or additional costs of software license fees.

Printer drivers are another factor to consider because typically, manufactures do not update drivers for any discontinued equipment. Note that outdated drivers can be a major challenge and may completely stall upgrading. In other words, printing from a Windows or CAD application may not work, resulting in prints that lack important layers, fonts and line weights.

Here is a great infographic that shows you everything you need to know about digital printing:

large format printers for sale

Image credit: Data Colour

Xerox is the world’s leading provider of digital printing products and services and has large format printers for sale as well as a variety of continuous feed printers available. You can view the range of Xerox printers from Document Excellence and find one that suits your budget as well as your specific needs.

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