What is a solid ink printer?

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What is a solid ink printer?

The range of printers currently available makes it difficult to choose the right one for your home and office. From inkjet to laser, 3D to a colorqube printer, the range is simply staggering, which is why it helps to know a little more about each printer, and the potential benefits it could have for your business. One of the most recent highlights in the printing hardware field is the solid ink printer, a variant on the olden day inkjet printers that is becoming very popular.

Solid ink is a form of technology, usually used in colorqube printers, that uses ink in a non-liquid form, that is, in the form of solid ink sticks, that look almost as though they are made of wax. This makes it a lot neater and easier to reload than those printers that use liquid ink or toner. Once the ink stick is inserted into the printer, heat melts it to release the coloured ink, which then flows through the allocated conduits to the paper, a method that has many similarities to that used in offset printers. This type of printing is recognised within the printing industry as a more eco-friendly one and more consumables sales representatives are recommending it to their clients as a result.

While this type of printer has been around almost as long as continuous feed printers, it has only started gaining momentum in the market recently, but those who have used it have remarked on the bright and vivid colours it produces when printing. Of course with a printer of this magnitude, costs are heightened, but for those who make their money based on the vibrancy of their prints, it is an ideal solution that in turn makes their customers happier. Besides the exceptional print quality, users will also find that the actual sticks of ink are tidier and more appropriate for office use, as they do not leave a messy residue on everything they tough, as toner or ink cartridges can do.

One of the concerns of using such a printer or printer/copier solutions however, includes the blockages it can cause to the nozzles of the printer’s head. These nozzles need to be cleaned regularly, which does up the costs of maintenance, and the frequency thereof, but most suppliers give users a guarantee on the printheads for this reason. Another warning point for this type of unit is that when the unit is cold, such as may occur in the mornings, it takes a little time to heat up, so quick prints are out of the question.

Of course, the benefits of using a solid ink printer, such as the colorqube printer, outweigh most of the concerns, but users should contact print experts, such as DocX, for concerns and questions.

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