The Importance of Wiping Your Data


The Importance of Wiping Your Data

When you work on any digital device, whether it’s your computer or your mobile, it’s always important to make sure that you wipe your personal data on a regular basis. With digital security being so important, you never know when you might be at risk so it’s a good idea to protect yourself and your data as best as you possibly can. But it’s not only your data that you should be worried about; you should also make sure that you protect your customers’ data.

When you set up a new office you think of buying new equipment, hiring employees and even searching for the best printer rentals available, but you don’t often think about data security right away. Working with customers’ sensitive data means that you should take responsibility and secure their information as best you can, to avoid it ending up in the wrong hands and their sensitive data being compromised.

Secure data protection has become vital in our modern world. You need to make sure that your business has the right procedures in place to protect your customers’ data at all times. You are the third party that was entrusted with their information so you need to protect it. But how? That is where the destruction of data comes into play.

Destruction of Data

You can benefit from a printing solution and a data destruction service you can trust. That is why Xerox has developed “Image Overwrite”, a security option that electronically shreds information stored on the hard drive of devices as part of routine processing. You can program certain devices to carry out the electronic destruction of data with the completion of a job, or on demand, according to a schedule.

So you no longer have to look for printer rentals that will simply allow you to print your documents, but you can also look for a Xerox solution that will help you to protect sensitive information. You will have an unmatched level of data protection available and this means you can protect your customers’ information from any unauthorised use. It’s a great benefit for your business and another way in which you can add value to your customers.

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