The History of Document Storage Solutions [Infographic]

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The History of Document Storage Solutions [Infographic]

The history of document solutions can be traced back to the prehistoric period. By 1700, man had already seen the need to store knowledge gained for the benefit of future generations and to this end, humans have, and still are, striving to find better means of safeguarding data. You can hire a printer to serve your modern document storage requirements and benefit from a variety of great features, which have certainly come a long way during the last few decades.

First and foremost, our brain was the first form of a storage device. One amazing fact about our brains is that they have a remarkable capacity to hold vast amounts of data. From the brain, we began storing data and preserving information on cave paintings, and later shifted to carved stone tablets. These were portable data storage devices of this age.

Then, from the 17th century, there was a shift over to the use of papyrus or paper, as well as writing using dyes and other inks.

Both the 18th and 19th centuries saw the creation of filing cabinets and punch cards. Following this, photographic films were invented and thereafter developed magnetic tapes, floppies and compact disks. Then the World Wide Web took centre stage. Despite its invention in the 1960s, it still did not allow online backup services until the 1990s.
Today, we are talking about the cloud and SSD media that stores data in form of electrical charge instead of the old form of magnetism.

With each sunrise, there is more expected from the document solutions world. When you hire printers from Xerox, you gain access to a wide variety of high quality production devices for a period of one week to twelve months.

Here is a great infographic that shows you everything you need to know about the history of document storage solutions:

document solutions

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Image credits: Internet Archive Book Images via Flickr & Passare (edited)

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