The Three Most Useful Print Finishing Machines

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The Three Most Useful Print Finishing Machines

If you don’t know what print finishing is and your business does a lot of in-house print advertising, now’s the time to get educated.

Along with standard Xerox printers, print finishing machines are vital for businesses that do their own advertising, saving time and money and making your business more efficient overall.

But what exactly are print finishing machines, and why is using them so important?

We’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed down the three most useful print finishing machines.

Folding Machines

Folding machines do exactly what it sounds like they do—they fold. Able to complete one hundred folds per minute, this is an essential tool to have if you’re creating pamphlets or cards for your business. Plus, using folding machines in conjunction with Xerox printers means you can do all your business advertising in-house.

Cutting Machines

Trimmers are useful for cropping photographs, while guillotines are better for larger jobs. Specialist business card cutters are excellent for cutting a large number of business cards at once so that you and your employees can network with confidence. If you have a cutting machine and a couple of Xerox printers, there’s not much of a limit to what you can achieve. From leaflets and business cards to booklets and banners, the options are endless.

Lamination Machines

Lamination is important because it a) makes your product look more professional, and b) makes your product last longer. Most lamination machines are able to laminate paper with either a gloss or a matt finish. There are also a wide range of sizes that you can laminate, all the way up to A3. If you get a lamination machine with a 100- or 200-page auto-feeder, you can make sure that your lamination happens as quickly as your printing does, saving you time and money.

Stapling Machines

A great stapling machine can make your life both inside and outside of the office endlessly more convenient. Stapling machines allow you to staple up to 65 pages at a time, and, if you get an automated stapling machine, you’ll be able to get to more important tasks and leave the mundane minutiae up to the machines.

With today’s technologies, there’s no excuse for time-sapping and inconvenient office tasks. Especially since DocX will not only provide you with Xerox printers, but will also maintain your printer, advise you on how to use it and where to put it, and refill the ink and toner without you having to ask. Sound good? Visit our website today for a free quote.

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