The Most Spectacular Libraries in the World

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The Most Spectacular Libraries in the World

You might think your office does a lot of printing, and if so, you’d find that a Xerox Phaser printer would ease the burden of finding a balance between output and quality. But, even with a world-class printer, you’re still left with the issue of finding a place to store all of this documentation and paperwork.

If you’re wondering what to do with all those papers, you can look for inspiration from places around the world that make storing loads of paper their business – libraries! Here are the five most spectacular libraries from across the globe:

5. Trinity College Dublin Library, Ireland

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This library houses the largest collection of books in Ireland. It has a main room that is just over 60m in length and the dark wood and marble pillars make it an enchanting place to read and study.

4. José Vasconcelos Library, Mexico

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This library manages to fuse ancient knowledge with futuristic designs. The books and the enormous whale skeleton that dominate the interior work together with the modern appearance of the shelving, which make the books look like they’re floating on air.

3. Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Brazil

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Despite the name, this library is not located in Portugal, but in Brazil. It is home to the largest collection of Portuguese literature outside of Portugal. It contains over 350 000 works and was built in the 19th century. The design, which is Gothic-Renaissance style, harkens back to the era of Portuguese discoveries.

2. Stuttgart City Library, Germany

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This library relies on its books and its occupants to give it all of its colour. The entire interior is painted white and the result is extraordinary. The building is nine storeys high, it’s shaped like a cube, and the design was supposedly based on the Pantheon.

1. Admont Library, Austria

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Perhaps the most spectacular of them all, the ceilings of the Admont Library depict the vast stages of human knowledge, climaxing in the pinnacle of Divine Revelation. The library can be found in surroundings as striking as it is – in the foothills of the Alps. The architect, Joseph Hueber, designed it in the Baroque style, and its 70 metre hall contains 200 000 volumes.

You may not be able to turn your office into an almighty library, but you can make sure your documents are printed with precise and quality colours with Xerox Phaser printers. Get yours today!

All images: Business Insider

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