The Advantages Of Investing In A Commercial Digital Printer For Your Business

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The Advantages Of Investing In A Commercial Digital Printer For Your Business

Gone are the days of small and individual desktop printers, companies now days are opting for bigger, better, and smarter ways to not only maximise their business but save on costs. Digital printers for your business have come with many advantages from faster processing to easier setups.

No Longer A Ten-Minute Wait

With technology moving at the speed of light, gone are the days of slow processing and printing times. Connection via Bluetooth, USB or Cable it has never been easier to set a new employee up to the printing system. Goodbye waiting for the IT department (who are always around, but never there?) a 1-2-3 set up you will ensure you will never need to smack the side of the printer in the hope to get it working again. Then again, had you needed to send your files off-site for printing depending on the size of the project this could have taken days rather than a few hours in-house. Another advantage of printing in house is that you no longer need to order 5000 brochures for a massive once-off outlay of money, you can print 100 at a time or when needed, saving you unnecessary stocking of brochures that may need a reprint due to informational changes.

More Choices In Materials

Printing on white A4 paper is very 2003, in a day and age where printing your proposals on textured recycled paper will not only let you stand out but will more than likely get you that deal! Commercial digital printer are what we call a Non-contact sport, where the mechanism does not grip onto the pages as it would with a desk printer, this allows for printing on fabric or textured papers. You may not think you require these functions, until you do. Think about the end of year parties or in- house training you are required to give. With inkjet and digital printers, it has never been easier to printer on Cell phone covers, stickers, banners and flyers as well as a fully functional booklet function saving you the hassle of reformatting of your documents. The possibilities are endless.

You Can Archive

No, I don’t mean in a yellow folder in a brown box in the storeroom. With commercial digital printers, you can archive and rename files on the printer and reprint when needed! Imagine being able to print leave forms without searching through thousands of files on your laptop or needing a quick print of a generic contract.

Personalisation And Variable Data

Another great advantage of digital printing is that it can be totally customisable of individual graphics and texts. This means that every impression on each page can be completely different, making it ideal for personalised mail campaigns. 

Cost Effective

Digital printers have often been overlooked as a product that is not a necessity within companies due to the perceived high costs involved. Many years ago, this may have been true, however now days with the removal of the printing plates there is less maintenance as well as costs involved with servicing and replacements. If you add up the costs of your wastage from over printing offsite as well as the time and delivery costs for said services in the long run, you are not only wasting your time but your money too.

Security Codes

Another impressive feature with commercial digital printers is that you are able to add passcodes to the printer enabling you to monitor which of your employees are printing the most, what they are printing (IE whether it is for business purposes or not) The way the codes work is that no document will be released from the printer without the employees individual passcode. With an additional feature of being able to get detailed monthly reports allowing you to budget for printing expenditures.

It Is Flexible

In a day where you are constantly needing to make amendments to client portfolios or marketing papers mass producing is a thing of the past. Having a commercial digital printer in house will allow you to make the amendments needed in minutes and print your proposed idea in house whilst your client is sitting in the boardroom. You will once again have the edge and win more business seeing as you would have the know-how as well as the speed needed to prove you are on the ball.

Go Green

Due to the taking away of printing plates you are effectively reducing your carbon footprint due to the minimising of chemicals and electric intake. In addition to the allowance of textured papers (E.G recycled paper) we are therefore able to greatly reduce the impact on the environment one printer at a time!

Reputation Is Important

It is highly important to find a printing company that not only supplies you with the equipment, but who are also there for you after installation. Having invested time and money into an item that is important to you, should be important to the company who provided you with the printer. With many printers on the market do your research, go into the stores and ask for demonstrations. It is important to understand the full functionality of your printer so utilise the expertise. Not only is it the company who sold you the equipment’s reputation on the line but yours too! Do not settle for subpar when producing portfolios to your clients, your company depends not only on your expertise but on your professionalism too.

Here at DocX we have an incredible range of printers whether you require a commercial digital printer or press machines we have it all. We are your one-stop solutions shop, our specialists will leave you in awe with their incredible knowledge and friendly service. Feel free to contact us on Phone: +27 (11) 234-2282 or visit us at Document Excellence. 58 Wessel Road, Edenburg, Sandton, Johannesburg.

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