Sourcing The Best Large Format Printers

Sourcing The Best Large Format Printers

Sourcing The Best Large Format Printers

Generally, most businesses send their large-scale graphics out to printers, but there are some that may benefit from having a large-format printer on site, especially if they do a fair bit of printing.

When it comes to finding large format printers for sale though, how do you ensure you get the best buy? Is a second-hand unit cheaper or will it cost more in maintenance and upkeep than one bought new? These are questions you need answered before you spend your money on these units, or you may find yourself with a big hole in your budget and very little return on investment.

When it comes to finding a machine that can cope with large format printing, you need to look for a supplier you can trust, such as DocX. A large format laser printer can come in many shapes, sizes and brands, not to mention prices, and you need to ensure you’ve gotten one that will meet your needs and expectations, while fitting into your budget.

Laser printer prices for a large-scale format unit tend to be sky-high and though you can find companies who will gladly finance the units, it is best to buy smart, not large.

Also important in terms of laser printing on the largest scale is identifying just how the machine will be used. The usage terms of the machine include elements such as how long you plan to keep the machine for, how often it will be used, the type of paper and toner you plan on stocking and the costs associated with all of those.

You will also need to plan regarding the maintenance of the machine, whether you plan on servicing it yourself or calling in a technician and even, issues surrounding who will be allowed to use the machine, and who won’t. If every member of your business has access to this type of machine, which is expensive to use, you may find a lot of wasted paper, toner and money.

The final stop on your sourcing journey is determining what you will do with the machine once its usefulness is done. Think about whether the machine will be bought back by the manufacturer, whether you can downgrade to a smaller machine for laser printing and sell the unit you have second- or even third-hand, or whether it may be best to scrap the machine for parts.

A good plan will help you set in stone the goals for using the machine, the money you’ll spend on the machine and may even help you determine whether you need the machine in the first place.

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