Solid Ink Office Printers – Busting the Myths [Video]

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Solid Ink Office Printers – Busting the Myths [Video]

Whether you own your office printer, or you make use of printer hire, there are certain facts you should know about your machine, particularly if it’s a Xerox ColorQube.

There are a multitude of myths surrounding solid ink, partly because it is such a revolutionary technology in the world of the office printer.
We thought we would bust some of these myths for you about solid ink. Have a look below for some of the most common ones:

Myth #1: Larger power consumption:

While it is true that the ColorQube uses more power in sleep and active modes than comparable machines, the amount is truly negligent – less than 40 watts, which is that of a light bulb. However, even with this small amount of extra power used, while in the process of actually printing, the machine uses roughly 10 light bulbs’ worth of watts less than similar laser printers.

Myth #2: The quality is worse

Solid ink is actually far less dependent on the type of paper used than other types of printers because they produce vibrant colours on a host of papers, from smooth super-white to cheaper recycled paper.

Myth #3: Solid ink printers produce more waste

The fact is that there is a small degree of waste in almost all kinds of printers. The difference is that the waste from a solid ink office printer is non-toxic and can be disposed of safely.

Myth #4: Cartridge-free means nothing

There are a number of benefits to going cartridge-free with solid ink printers. Some of the more notable ones are:

• Non-toxic

• Non-messy

• Easier to ship

• Easier to store

• Less to dispose of

For more myth-busting facts on Xerox’s incredible solid ink technology, have a look at the video below:

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