Solid Ink FAQs


Solid Ink FAQs

Solid Ink technology from Xerox has come a long way and it’s one of the most reliable printing methods available. Whether you are looking for printers for hire or considering buying your own printers for your office here are a few commonly asked questions about Xerox’s solid ink technology.

What Exactly is Solid Ink?

Solid ink technology, refers to a simple, cartridge-free colour printing technology that is able to produce up to 90% less waste than regular laser printing technology. It makes use of solid sticks of ink that are made from a non-toxic material similar to a crayon. These sticks are safe to use and they do not leak, spill, or smudge on your clothes.

Is Solid Ink Technology Better Than Laser Quality?

The colour of your printing is far less dependent on the paper’s surface when you use solid ink. The image is mechanically transferred from paper in a precise state, with no ink spreading on to the paper. Unlike inkjet printers you do not need superior white printing paper to get good quality prints.

Does Solid Ink Rub Off Easily?

Our products have been improved over the years to reduce their pile height on paper. This means that they are more resistant to scratching and will not smear easily.

Can You Write on Paper Printed with Solid Ink?

You can easily write on typical office documents like charts, graphs and memos. Some types of pens might not write as smoothly as others, but it is no different from other technologies that are available.

Is Solid Ink Technology Reliable?

Yes. Solid ink technology is extremely reliable as it uses technology that has been on the market for more than 20 years. Xerox has had great success with solid ink technology and continues to improve their products. Reliability is one of the main features of solid ink and this is why this technology has become so popular over the years.

Do Solid Ink Products Use More Energy Than Laser?

Although any electronic device will use energy, Xerox does its best to ensure that their solid ink machines have built-in power-saving features in their printing products, as is the case with their other devices. Their Intelligent Ready software will learn about your usage patterns and reduce power consumption when it detects that you are probably not going to use the printer.

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