At Document Excellence we are able to provide physical protection solutions to your office building or entire site that gives flexibility and accountability, from simple coded locks on a door or access card entry to high-end biometrics systems used for reading fingerprints or scanning retina.

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  • Biometric Systems
  • Remote Access Control
  • CCTV HD Cameras
  • Intercom systems


Our security systems utilise existing network infrastructure to allow for remote access control of gates, server rooms and entry points to a building. This facilitates IP Interaction with intruders which warns off the intruder in order to prevent any damage to property.
In addition, we supply Intercom Systems to control all the entry points to a building. However, these systems are more than monitoring doors as they are an integral part of any security system, giving users a convenient platform for managing facilities. We guarantee high quality service as we provide full hardware, installation and long term maintenance made to our client’s security upgrades.