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Continuous feed printers are designed for high volume print requirements. Best suited for print on-demand and transaction publishing and printing environments. Enjoy the following benefits from the the Xerox range of continuous feed printers:

  • Outstanding power, speed, and reliability enable you to provide the high-quality and fast turnarounds your customers expect
  • Boost response rates with high-quality graphics and data-driven, personalised content
  • Create digital books and manuals economically with the finished look and feel that printers and publishers expect
  • Excellent image quality ensured by flash-fusing technology and fine particle toner enables a wide range of print applications
  • Integrates with the FreeFlow™ Digital Workflow collection to accelerate, simplify, and enhance every job you run

Meet your high-volume print requirements with the Xerox 650 or 1300 in the following applications:

  • Transactional
  • TransPromo
  • Direct mail
  • Publishing
  • Books and manuals