Printing Through The Ages [Infographic]

Printing Through The Ages

Printing Through The Ages [Infographic]

Printing and copying have come a long way since methods used for communicating and spreading information were invented.

It began with the Chinese, who are credited with inventing printing, and the incredible things that can be done with 3D printers today are mind-blowing.

Imagine if someone told you when you were a kid that, one day, you’d be able to buy the technology to make that toy that you wanted more than anything… well, you’d think it was something from a science fiction book.

Nowadays, the possibilities are limitless, and the applications outside of just the office environment are endless.

Check out the infographic below about how we have come in printing technology, and how the types of printers have evolved over time to give us the high performance machines we know today.


brief history of print infographic

printing solutions

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