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Document Management
Are you organised or creative, or both? Your desk at work can be seen as a representation of the computer that is sitting on top of it.  If the files on the computer are spread all over its hard drive, and icons litter its desktop, chances are the desk that it is perched on will

Good Printer Care

Xerox printers
How to service your printer. The world might be moving towards paperless offices, but there will, at least for the foreseeable future, always be a need for printed documents.  Even with excellent document management software, there will be forms to fill out and boxes to sign.  This is why good printer care is important.  

The Keys to Expert Filing

Document Solutions - docX
The document solutions Sandton needs. If you work in an office you have no doubt dealt with, or been exposed to, the dreaded filing system at one point or another.  Yes, this is the digital age, and computers can be used for filing too, but computers can get just as cluttered as the filing cabinet
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Seven annoying habits you should break right now.   If you work in an office then you know the feeling well: you slip into work, move silently and stealthily, slide around corners and crawl across open spaces unnoticed, but that annoying colleague still finds you before you reach your desk.  You feel icy pins in