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Xerox Phaser printers China
You might think your office does a lot of printing, and if so, you’d find that a Xerox Phaser printer would ease the burden of finding a balance between output and quality. But, even with a world-class printer, you’re still left with the issue of finding a place to store all of this documentation and
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How shredding prevents identity theft and credit card fraud. With all sorts of spyware and hacking software freely roaming around the internet just looking for personal information, we tend to pay a great deal of attention to digital security. However, while this is a great idea, it often means that we neglect our printed documentation.
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6 print ads that got it horribly, horribly wrong. While print advertisements often provide interesting information on brands, delivered in a witty yet engaging way, they also deliver some first-class laughs when they go horribly, horribly wrong. Some adverts that come into our lives, albeit for a very short amount of time (before they are

How Printing Paper is Made

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A look at the steps involved in the production of paper. Printing paper – we use it for doodling, paper jets, makeshift greeting cards, confetti, and, on occasion, actual printing. But in the modern world of digital printing, the fact that we use printing paper so regularly can lead us to forget that paper was