The Mechanics of an Inkjet Printer [Video]

How ink jet works

The Mechanics of an Inkjet Printer [Video]

As a premier company providing Xerox support services in Johannesburg, we make it our mission to provide not only quality machines to businesses, but also the best before and after sales service – we love to help businesses figure out which is the best printer for their offices and why.

Sometimes, in order to truly find out why a certain type of printer may be better for an application than another, you’ve got to take a deeper look at how the machine actually functions.

In this article, we’re going to explore how an office inkjet printer works because, really, it’s a little machine that has a lot going on inside of it! Read on to find out just how your Xerox office printer produces those beautiful prints time after time.

We can say that the nucleus of the entire printer is the print head. This component, together with the circuit board, is responsible for actually firing the ink onto the paper to create the desired image or text. This may sound fairly simple, but when you think of how each and every droplet of ink needs to be released at an exact moment and in an exact manner, it’s mighty impressive.

The print head assembly isn’t the only remarkable component of an inkjet printer, though – let’s not forget about the ink cartridges. One cartridge can fire up to 900 million droplets of ink. As impressive as this sounds, it becomes even more so when we consider that a cartridge contains only about a teaspoon of ink.

For a more in-depth view of the mechanics of an inkjet printer, watch the video below:

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