Leasing Printers – Advantages and Considerations

leasing printers

Leasing Printers – Advantages and Considerations

The process of leasing printers is certainly growing in popularity in South Africa as many businesses cannot afford to layout the initial capital to purchase a brand new or even second-hand machine.

So you may be wondering, what are the benefits of leasing printers? Have a look below at our list of the top advantages to renting printers:


Whether you buy a multifunction printer, or scanner and copier only, you’re essentially entering into a long-term relationship. As this equipment is valuable, you’ll likely not be buying another one for quite a few years. However, when you lease a printer, you can simply swap it for one that is better and has more features once your lease is up.

No Upfront Capital

As mentioned, you are not required to lay down a large amount of money to enjoy the benefits of excellent printing, copying and scanning. Nor do you need to worry about paying back hefty loans to cover this cost. Rather, you simply pay a fixed fee for the agreed-upon term of lease, which leads to the next advantage…

Fixed Leasing Cost

A fixed cost will be payable for the equipment so business owners are able to accurately budget. However, when buying a printer with a loan, interest may be linked, which will lead to a variable amount, making it that much harder to budget.

Advice Before Leasing Printers

While it’s evident that there are great benefits to leasing, we advise clients to take the following into consideration before signing on the dotted line:

Test it out. You don’t want to get stuck in a contract, even if it’s for a short period of time, with a machine you cannot use, or one that does not offer all of the functionality you need. You will also want to make sure that the colours and quality are up to the standard that you require.

Small office. If your office makes fewer than 700 copies per month, you should consider buying a cheaper and smaller desk printer to handle your office needs, to ensure that you make the most of out of the equipment.

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