Insane Typographical Errors

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Insane Typographical Errors

When English turns on well-meaning journalists.

Ah, the Irish – known for their lyrical accents; their supremely green, rolling hills; their leprechauns; and, of course, their penchant for being obliviously silly.  The hapless target of many cruel jokes the world over, the Irish don’t make matters any better for themselves by publishing their silliness.

Wide format printers and digital presses can be used to enrich the lives of readers on a national and international level.  They can change people’s perceptions and alter their circumstances through the delivery of news.  Sadly, in the wrong hands, these tools can cause chaos.  Here is a look at how some unfortunate typographical errors destroyed the credibility of some unwitting Irish journalists.

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It would seem that the good people of Westport need to sit down and reconsider their send-offs.  If you treat your sex offenders like this, you don’t leave a lot open for your decent citizens.

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The Belfast Telegraph slipped through a loophole here.  But even through they didn’t specify that the holiday was one that would appear in people’s good dreams, they’re still not exactly enticing people with their accompanying graphics.

Wide Format Printers

It would appear that this young boy from Waterford is only now waking up to his missed opportunity.  Curse those helpful TV shows.

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Well… that’s depressing.

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We’re sure that Irish rugby lads like to get up to a fair bit of mischief when on overseas trips, but this is just too much information.

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Well, after a headline like this one there’s really no need to read the story.  Is this a new journalistic style emerging, or was the story a little light to begin with?  We’ll never know, but we can be sure of this: the cross-gender waving at a pub of said nature was most likely nothing more than friendly.  Hardly grounds for sumo-assault.

To be fair, these faux pas could have happened (and do happen) to anyone.  The Irish just had the rotten luck of being singled out.  Perhaps the legendary luck of the Irish isn’t always good!  But, to see how wide format printers and digital presses should be used, visit DocX.

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