How to save ink with your printer rentals

How to save ink with your printer rentals

While your printer rentals might be affordable, the costs that come along with them might not be. The cost of ink and paper could leave you perplexed, so try these savvy tips on how to save as much as possible when it comes to printing.


Think before you ink

Try to minimise your printing by eliminating information that you don’t really need, like the 500 comments on a social thread or the bibliography in an article; you’re probably going to throw it away, anyway.


Size doesn’t count, words do

Remove large text and unnecessary bold fonts – this will help save ink. Bold prints and large words should only be used in final copies.


Proof read to avoid errors

Read over your work before deciding to print. Sometimes looking at the same content can make you overlook typos, grammar, and formatting mistakes. After you print, one small error could set you back, causing you to waste ink and paper.


The warnings aren’t real

While it may be a bizarre thing to point out, the warning messages informing you that your ink levels are running low are often inaccurate. When an evaluation was performed, it was found that ink cartridges can still contain between 8 – 45% of ink when the warning messages begin. Although, it is a good idea to keep an extra ink cartridge on standby just in case.


PDF it

If you want an offline copy of a document convert it to PDF. This will allow you to view a document anytime and anywhere. Paper could be easily ruined and crumpled but, soft copies are much safer.
How to save ink with your printer rentals

“Digify” your life

If you’re an avid reader, transfer articles to your tablet or smartphone. E-books are becoming more popular, and the best part is that they’re sometimes free! Make sure to delete them once you’ve read them to avoid storage overload.

We hope these tips have been useful and interesting. We sure hope you will use them in future.

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