The History of Inkjet Printing is Fascinating!

The History of Inkjet Printing is Fascinating!

The History of Inkjet Printing is Fascinating!

It’s a topic we have touched on before – the history of inkjet printers. It is certainly a fascinating facet of our modern technological history, particularly Xerox inkjet printers. Indeed, Xerox has been ahead of the printing game since the first xerographic printer became commercially available.

There is so much more to printers than just being able to copy and produce images and text. They have undeniably changed the way we function as a society, from being able to more easily mass produce educational materials, to reproducing wonderful works of art – we love the history of these devices. If you’re interested, too, then read on!

For many people, inkjet printers were the jewel of the 1980s in terms of office equipment, but the technology was actually around long before this – roughly 20 years. Dot matrix printers were increasingly being seen as cumbersome and low-quality ways to print and copy, so inkjet seemed like the best way forward. However, in the 1970s, there was a massive challenge in making these kinds of printers affordable and commercially available. In addition, there was the issue of creating a device that produced quality prints each and every time. For instance, the printer head would regularly become blocked up with dried ink, but this was eventually solved by various printing companies, and the word “inkjet” became a household name.

From here, the technology only grew. There are now two main kinds of inkjet printers available – continuous, which is most often used in mass and production printing, and drop-on-demand, which is typically what you’ll find in your handy little home device. Continuous models are quick, but waste a lot of ink. Conversely, drop-on-demand devices are slow, but are much more economical on ink.

Inkjet printers have become the number one choice for homes across the world because of their low initial cost. However, their major setback is the cost of the ink – printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world, and sometimes, it can be cheaper to purchase a brand new printer than it is to replace ink cartridges.

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