High Quality Printing with Xerox ColorQube

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High Quality Printing with Xerox ColorQube

When it comes to finding the right printer for your needs there are definitely a lot of options to consider. Firstly you will need to determine the type of printing that your company needs to do, as well as the volume of printing you require. This will help you to choose the right printer unit for your office environment.

If you require a printing unit to handle your high-volume printing needs, Xerox has a variety of options available to you. The Xerox ColorQube is the ideal solution if you are looking for low-cost colour printing, as well as an easy-to-use, cartridge-free design. This range of high-quality, reliable printers features a variety of great benefits, as well as the ability for you to securely and intelligently manage your documents in your ever-changing working environment.

One of the best features of the Xerox ColorQube includes its cost-saving ability, as you will only pay for the colour you use. No need to purchase expensive paper either, our solid ink prints brilliantly saturated colour on regular office and recycled papers. User permissions will also let you restrict access to features, according to a group, user or time of day. For example, rules can be set so that all e-mails automatically be printed in duplex mode and black-and-white, while all your presentations will print in colour.

Application defaults will reduce paper waste and user frustration through resetting driver settings by allowing users to define driver defaults based on their application. You can also set duplex printing as your default, but if a print job contains only a single page, the Xerox ColorQube will know not to duplex it. You can now print all your in-house print jobs with superior print quality, as well as brilliant, saturated colour that will save you time and money. But these are not the only advantages to enjoy.

These printers are also environmentally friendly, with various features built in to reduce your company’s environmental impact. Solid Ink sticks create up to 90% less printing waste versus comparable laser devices, and the prints can be recycled alongside all other recyclable paper. Further, the innovative Earth Smart feature allows you to choose the most environmentally sensitive options for your print jobs.

When it comes to selecting the Xerox ColorQube as your company’s printing solution, Document Excellence is your one-stop Xerox supplier. We are an authorised Xerox dealer and will not only help you choose the right printer but also help you maintain it.

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