Getting to know Managed Print Services

managed print service

Getting to know Managed Print Services

Managed print services’ is a term often used to describe specialised systems for the management of documents and the devices that output them. This term is not one that is very well-known in general business terms, as most companies store their documents on servers or file them away in dark rooms where they are almost never accessed again. But there is a place for managed services and document solutions in every modern office, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, managed solutions allow you to track the users of multi function devices. You will know who printed and scanned what, when they did so and even how many pages each document was comprised of. This allows you to manage costs, both short- and long-term and gives you a better idea of how often each machine is used, so that you can ensure it is maintained when needed, or the consumables replaced as needed.

This type of system also allows for a broader networking scope, which increases connectivity at all times. When a shared document is being worked on, for example, all users can collate the document into a single printed version that can then be outputted, which saves paper, saves time and certainly saves on spend too. Finally, a managed services programme allows for better tracking after the fact, so that lessons can be learnt and results analysed, benefitting the business by identifying whether more or fewer multifunction printers are required and how they can provide more cost-efficient solutions to the business.

Entrenched within the integration of managed print services is the need for a number of suppliers. There are generally four categories into which suppliers fit, including OEM or original office equipment manufacturer, systems integrator, managed services provider and supplies or consumables provider. The OEM is the maker of the unit, and for the most part, office managers would not have to deal with them. Integrators include the companies that create systems for document management, another provider the typical office manager would not have to deal with. Third, the managed systems services providers are those that office managers hire to implement a managed systems solution in their office. And lastly, consumables providers are those that supply paper and ink amongst other items.

For those considering implementing a managed print services solution, understanding this system requires a lot of focus, and many just do not have this kind of time. This is why it is usually a better idea to hand over the requirements for the system to an integrator such as DocX, which can take your whole managed print services and document management system from implementation phase to execution, and deliver results of the integration too.

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