Getting the Right Printer for Your Office Needs

Getting the Right Printer for Your Office Needs

Getting the Right Printer for Your Office Needs

When the time comes to get a printer for your office, you’re going to have to take a lot of factors into consideration to ensure you make the right choice. In terms of the addition of any hardware piece to your office, not to mention the consumables sales that go hand-in-hand with it, there is a lot of money that is wasted in offices every year on incorrect equipment, which is ordered but, because it is unsuitable, never used.

However, if you do a little research on the topic of copier rental and printers, you are much more likely to make the right choice and in this economy, that is something that every business should be focused on.

So what kind of printer is right for you? Well, many office managers these days are seeing sense in buying continuous feed printers. These are ideal for those offices that need a high volume of prints, such as mid- to large-sized companies with over 50 employees.

Despite efforts to be green, many business still need to print everything from designs to spreadsheets to legal documents and with a continuous feed printer, doubling as a copier, users get their documents faster and printing is more cost-effective too. These units allow for swift response rates and that means no more standing around the printer waiting for something to happen. In turn, this boosts in productivity.

In smaller offices, a smaller laser printer and copier may be a better choice, especially if your business is not paper-based. Some small businesses may even benefit from choosing a printer and copier rental option, as the purchase of a large unit is a big expenditure, whereas rental allows for lower costs over a longer period.

Copiers in these types of offices are very seldom used, since everyone can be copied in email format and print documents if they need too, so getting a separate copier and printer is not ideal.

For those offices that are exceptionally large, a number of printers and copy machines may need to be purchased and in this case, it may be more cost-efficient to buy an all-in-one copier, scanner, printer and large-scale printer solution to manage the needs of every floor, or every department.

This is not only a money saver but also a space saver, as there is no need have four separate machines with all of their wires and accessories housed in three times the space a single machine would take. Don’t forget that getting the right printer means getting the right paper and ink, so be sure to find a consumables sales supplier who understands your needs, like DocX.

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