Examining the Advantages of Printer Rental and Managed Print Services

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Examining the Advantages of Printer Rental and Managed Print Services

Did you know that you can rent printers and copiers for your workplace, or hire an efficient document management company to handle all of your printing needs? Imagine an office where you require fewer printers, not more. And each and every page printed comes out vibrant and colourful – exactly as it looks on the digital copy. How about a world where there is less impact on the environment because an astonishing amount of paper is reserved each day.

Sound too good to be true? With any other printer and copier manufacturer it may be impossible, but with Xerox and DocX, this is just a part of our excellent managed print services.
Whether you need to rent printers or copiers for your small- to medium-sized enterprise, or you require a massive amount of production printing to be carried out off-site, wouldn’t you sleep better knowing that you have a reliable printing partner to help you out?

There are numerous advantages for any business when it comes to DocX handling the monthly printing – simply think of the money you can save on energy consumption. In South Africa, electricity prices seem to soar each month and are a troublesome burden for any business. But if your printing is conducted off-site by professionals, you’ll save tons!

On the other hand, if you’d like to rent copiers, printers, or even if you’re interested in scanner rental, you’ll have our full support for your Xerox devices, so you can rely on them, and us, always.

If you’ve been thinking about using the managed print services of an expert printing company, have a look at the video below that explains just how beneficial it can be to rent a copier or print off-site:

As you can see, the advantages of using managed print services are almost endless. Make the switch today and let us handle your printing, copying and scanning.

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