Document Excellence: An overview of who we are and where we are going

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Document Excellence: An overview of who we are and where we are going

This is the story about our incredibly diverse company and its turnkey solution offering.

Where it all started

Document Excellence (also known as DocX) opened its doors to trade in 2002 by our CEO, John Goldie. John Goldie and his major accounts team have over 50 years’ combined experience in the office automation industry. This, in turn has led Document Excellence from good to great in the 17 years of successful trading. With the over 50 years of combined industry knowledge, John Goldie and his management team have used their expertise to engineer a diverse service offering that aims to improve essential business processes in order to boost our customers overall company performance and continued market growth.

Document Excellence has devoted ourselves to the sales and maintenance of  Xerox printers and office equipment for almost 12 years by using our innovative and strong business model. Specialising in document management, turnkey printing solutions and office management, DocX has led the market in cost-effective document management solutions.

Document Excellence does not compromise when it comes to providing document management services, support, and pioneering ideas in the office industry. We ensure you have the latest printing and copying products at the best possible prices. We aim to assist our customers in gaining control over their document processes by providing each of our clients with trained specialist consultants who devote themselves toward optimising each enterprise’s business activities by customising solutions to fit the organisation’s requirements whilst cutting down on unnecessary costs.

With technology constantly evolving, the modern office has become a complicated environment to kit out and this is where Document Excellence and it’s diverse and knowledgeable team can assist you, our valued customers. Document Excellence ensures that our clients’ printers, copiers and telecommunications systems are always up and running and that their printer supplies and office consumables are on-hand, from stationary to toner, to software and hardware – we are the answer to all your business needs.

Document Excellence assists in all aspects of your office consumables, printers and software needs, and are renowned for our after-sales office automation service programs that are tailored to every clients unique and specific needs. Client retention is our core focus and client satisfaction is what we strive to achieve. We manage print services, printers, scanners, faxes, scan to email, office stationery, toners, PABX, cabling, and security cameras. We are a one-stop business solution and a premier supplier of business infrastructure.

Our success story

Document Excellence's Victory Timeline

What we offer

We have four incredible components to our business that we strive to maximise for our clients each and every single day;

  • Office automation
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumables
  • Services

Office automation

Our Managed Print Services and Low-Cost Print Solutions provide customers with a detailed print analytics report which illustrates the company’s overall print demand, as well as hidden cost implications from existing infrastructure. By replacing problematic infrastructure with award-winning equipment that boasts better quality, speed & long-term durability, we are able to create better job handling and cost control in the workplace.

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A logical expansion from our Managed Print Services offering, to being a Managed SERVICES Provider, brings exciting new additions to the Document Excellence portfolio of products. In 2012, Document Excellence opened its telecommunications division that has been successfully running for over half a decade. We strive to deliver consistent, repeatable, scalable services with optimal effect throughout our core divisions.

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We have complimented our range of office equipment with high quality consumables that aid in ensuring all office equipment runs efficiently and cost effectively. We are able to proactively maintain our client’s stationery and inventory stock levels by doing stock takes and replenishing levels in the office.

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Our customer-orientated focus to our business practices is exemplified through our exclusive service centre which provides clients with a highly skilled and proficient support service for all office equipment sold. This section of our company keeps the customers’ machines in optimal working order. Our workforce is available to book your service call and manage your needs and expectation for a great service experience.Our highly trained staff and specialised technicians will ensure the best quality workmanship and professionalism to best support every part of the Doc X service experience.

For more information, queries and/or demonstrations, give us a call on 011 234 2282 or visit our offices at 58 Wessel Road, Edenburg, Rivonia, Sandton.

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