Do You Know The True Cost Of Your Office Printers?

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Do You Know The True Cost Of Your Office Printers?

There could be hundreds to thousands of rand not accounted for if you don’t know the true cost of your office printers. If you don’t know how much you are spending on printing, know you are not alone as 90% of business owners are unaware of how much they’re spending on office printers. There are ways to maintain the cost, however.

First you should know exactly how many printers, faxes, scanners and any other device that can print out on paper are located in all of the offices of your business. Do not overlook the small devices as they can cost money, too. Know who is responsible for ordering paper, cartridges, and approving the repairs and maintenance for these devices.

Once this information is determined then you can use an outside business such as DocX that can help assess costs and free up your time as well as save you a ton of money. You can utilise a no obligation audit with will help assess current costs and volume of printing. This service is free and super convenient.

Once cost is determined then you can minimise it by using a multi-device management or consolidated billing system that a document management and office automation supplier can provide. You will have less concerns when a machine breaks as the company will handle this part automatically and the printing services will be managed through a pay for print method saving you even more money.

Up to 85% of printing services are re-supplied automatically and up to 60% of breakage or fixing incidents can be resolved through the company’s direct intervention. You will soon know exactly what is being printed, copied, scanned and faxed once you hire the services of a company like DocX to maintain and keep records of detailed information regarding printing and fees that go along with having multiple printing devices.

If you are looking to reduce the overall cost of your office printers, contact Document Excellence today. As an authorised Xerox distributor we offer a full range of printer and copier solutions for your office and we cater for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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