Cyan, Black, Magenta and Yellow – All you Need to Know About Ink [Infographic]

Cyan, Black, Magenta and Yellow – All you Need to Know About Ink

Cyan, Black, Magenta and Yellow – All you Need to Know About Ink [Infographic]

We all know that ink is expensive, but are we really aware of how much it actually costs? It is one of the most expensive liquids in the world. We may often feel as though the price is unjustified, but it is a necessary part of any office. Whatever, you feel about it, the history of ink is fascinating.

It was first used 2500 years ago in Egypt and China, and it was produced from fine carbon particles, and the people who produced it used gums and glues to bind the particles together.

Shortly after this, the Chinese began to use natural plant dyes and minerals to create ink. These would be ground together and mixed with water to create ink.

Ink has a come a long way since then, with the quality of some inks today being outstanding. Nowadays, with just cyan, magenta, yellow and black, almost every colour imaginable can be created.

The history of Ink Infographic

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