Internet connectivity is regarded as a vital factor in business operations as it facilitates communications and supports all business functions. Through the various connectivity mediums such as; Fibre, LTE, Wireless, Diginet and Broadband we deliver connectivity solutions based on the principles of reliability, speed and cost effectiveness.

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  • Connectivity Solutions
  • Cloud / hosted Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Colocation
  • Firewalls (Hosted and On-Site)
  • Voice/ VOIP (Voice over IP)

Our software and infrastructure is guaranteed to be resilient, secure and tailored to suit various business types and their dependency on the internet for business functionality. We have structured our services based on productivity and pricing plans with the aim to lower business expenditure and to find a viable solution to our clients business needs through our MPLS, Premium, Lite, Community, Broadband solutions.

An MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) solution facilitates connectivity from multiple networks into an MPLS centre. Typically, this connectivity solution is best suited to larger corporates as the MPLS process supports a massive reach to subsidiary business branches across the country at a far cheaper rate. This form of centralised networking is designed promote & support economies of scale.

Premium (1:1):
Our premium solution provides clients with direct & un-interrupted connectivity with a contention ratio of 1:1. This supplies customers with the full bandwidth of internet access and is primarily aimed at businesses that operate in a digital space or large corporates that rely on full access to their internet capacity at all times.

Lite (5:1):
The Lite solution package boasts a healthy balance between cost efficiency and high availability; it is suitable to a large spectrum of business types. Here, connectivity is provided on a 5:1 contention ratio and allows customers 20% of the total bandwidth whilst the remainder is contended within the customer’s network, which does not compromise on user experience.

Community (10:1):
The community package is the cheapest offering which is intended for small traditional businesses types that require a reliable and high quality internet source but who do not necessarily depend on internet connectivity as a primary means for business functionality

Broadband Solutions provide customers with high speeds of data transmission through a single cable carrier such as a cable modem for example. However they are not typically recommended for business environments as user experience and contention ratios are susceptible to fluctuations.

Document Excellence recognises the need for companies to have increased collaboration and communication in the work space which is why we have a variety of cloud solutions to provide optimal service with failover included.
Our cloud service solution provides cost effective infrastructure that is capable of hosting and transmitting company data offsite. This virtual exchange allows our customers to have a dispersal of data and resources across multiple servers guaranteeing a failover solution and increased speed and accessibility.

Our Cloud Solutions include the following:

  • Email Services
  • Virtual Private Servers & Data Centre
  • Collaboration
  • Managed Security
  • Online Backup
  • Wi-Fi
  • Web Hosting
  • Voice/VOIP infrastructure
  • Video Conferencing

The main function of our cloud services is targeted at providing customers with the opportunity to have access to an online archiving and backup solution which enables the efficient management of workflow. This solution is scalable meaning that changes made to this service can be easily made amendable as your company and organisation’s processes grow in size and demand.
Our Email services deliver stable security and archiving solutions for company users which protects the client’s network from suspicious malware and prevents a loss of data from system crashes. This email service operates by screening, securing and archiving both internal & external mails safely off-site. This process is aimed at avoiding any data-loss and theft whilst providing employees with increased accessibility to company data.
In addition to this service, we provide a ‘hosted exchange’ solution which is operated by either Microsoft Exchange or Druva Insync software systems that synchronises email, out-of office mail, and desktop folders across multiple devices and the web. These systems are also platforms which provide a form of storage as well as data recovery. Our Cloud based applications are safe from imposing online threats as we have integrated firewall solutions attached to this service, protecting our clients cloud services and connectivity.
Wi-Fi lends itself as a hosted internet solution as it is centrally managed and allows for multiple users in the workplace to access connectivity through a wireless medium. Our Wi-Fi service offering is scalable and is offered in a scale of 2mbps to 40mbps to suit your business’s connectivity demands.
Web-Hosting is a service offered to our clients to host their website content alongside their emails. This service is beneficial for customers who support an online presence as it provides an unlimited amount of web traffic through to the domain. Our Web-hosting solutions also offer customers the opportunity to create their own website with a ‘’ domain and to set up an email server simultaneously, so as to ensure that the website is up and running in no time.

Voice over IP is the delivery of voice information over the internet; it is a concept which is revolutionising office communications and saving on excess expenses from traditional landline services from large telecom providers.

It is a service which seeks to embrace emerging communication trends in the office space such as the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement and simplifying communications and reach across various business functions.

VOIP infrastructure such as Cloud Calling for instance, is able to integrate
both existing on-site PBX’s alongside hosted connectivity solutions and the mobile cloud call application whilst still maintaining a high quality in voice transmission at a cost effective rate.

Video Conferencing
Our mission to transform business activities into simpler, faster and smarter solutions has led us to create Telepresence technologies for corporate purposes. This provides clients with an efficient alternative for face-to-face encounters saving time and cutting down on travelling expenses. This end-to-end business video solution is made available across multi-devices from a desktop application. In addition to this we provide, install and maintain video conferencing hardware and devices to facilitate collaboration and communications in the work space.