Document Excellence Communications is one of the fastest growing turnkey solutions providers in Southern Africa, importing and distributing industry leading and award winning brands through our valuable partnerships At the heart of Document Excellence Communications is the desire to provide seamless turnkey office Solutions. We create relationships of trust with our clients by assessing their needs, and then designing tailor made solutions.

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  • Voice Recording
  • Playback
  • Telephone Management Solutions
  • Caller Line Identification
  • Random Number Generation
  • Number Porting
  • PABX Infrastructure



This is an essential call recording service available for business, as it comes to complete with a customer portal to our website that enables the client to regulate access and change recordings as desired.



Our playback service delivers on-site call recording and voice logging device systems. This solutions allows for complete control over call recordings that are stored on a hosted cloud service. This service is safe and secure as the infrastructure is integrated with the Protection of Personal Information regulations.



The Telephone Management Solutions allow users to gain access and control over in & outbound call traffic. This system is made available for both traditional PBX analogue infrastructure and hosted systems for cloud call software.



The purpose of Caller Line Identification Service is to source and identify the number for incoming calls. This process aims to minimise the amount of calls left unanswered.



The Random Number Generator privatises the users outgoing calls by displaying a different number each time the call is made. These numbers are random voice, fixed and mobile (GSM) numbers that ensure the receiver cannot anticipate the source of the call. Although it alternates between random numbers it supports call back.



The Number Porting system enables businesses to import their current numbers from their service providers without losing contact from their old and new customer base.

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