Buying a Xerox Printer from an Authorised Xerox Dealer

Buying a Xerox Printer from an Authorised Xerox Dealer

Buying a Xerox Printer from an Authorised Xerox Dealer

Do you need to print brochures for a client? Alternatively, does the service you offer include printing photos, letterheads or any other marketing material, either in full colour or black and white? If this is the case, you will need a Xerox printer.

There are several reasons why to consider a Xerox printer, but the biggest benefit will be that you will be able to deliver a high quality product with the help of professional production printing systems.

A Xerox printing solution will be the only device you need for both your printing and copier needs. It’s always recommended to consult a Xerox dealer in order to make sure that you receive the best advice in choosing a machine.

Choosing the Right Xerox Solution

If you are looking for a device that prints in colour, there are a few models to consider. The Xerox Colour 800/1000 digital printing press the iGen4 and iGen4 Exp Diamond Edition will make a big impression. If you are looking to print in black and white transaction printing will be best done with the Xerox Nuvera 144 MX system, Xerox Nuvera 200/288 MX or the DocuPrint 135MX. For publishing printing in black and white, Xerox recommends the DocuTech 180 HLC systems, Docutech 155 Highlight colour system, or the Docutech 128 HLC.

With a Xerox printer, you will be able to print high volumes commercially. The devices are fitted with the latest technology and you are able to use Xerox Freeflow software that will expand your printing environment.

This in effect will save you money. You will be able to print the exact thing you need to print, without wasting time or money with other methods. Because the range of Xerox printers is so huge, you will be able to find a printer unique to your business need.

Whether your need is to purchase a production printer of a small office printer, you will get your money’s worth. Document Excellence is an authorised Xerox dealer and this means that when you purchase a device form us, you will not only receive it at the best price but always have the best after-sales service.

Our maintenance agreements include cover for all labour parts used, telephonic assistance and diagnostic licenses. You have the choice in altering your agreement that will include onsite coverage and short term extended coverage for special project’s needs.

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