Art Replicas Made with 3D Printers

Art Replicas Made with 3D Printers

How 3D printers are art enthusiasts’ new best friends.

It must be said that modern art allows more for feeling over technique.  This is not to say that no modern artists have any technique – in fact, much to the contrary, many modern artists have elevated various techniques to new heights.  However, the renaissance, for instance, wouldn’t have understood the depth involved in paint splattered on a canvas.

But, this is why modern art is so great.  It allows for the use of whatever means are available to the artist, including those made available by technology.  This brings us to a developing trend: 3D printer art.  If this is something that you are interested in pursuing, then read on to find out more, and remember that DocX boasts some of the best office printer hire Johannesburg has to offer.


While 3D printing used to be used primarily for making the figurines that now grown-up fans could never get their hands on as kids, it has become an outlet for some serious artists to reach new levels in their craft.  And, with 3D printing, the possibilities are endless.

From forming the basis of highly intricate sculptures to being used as movable, wearable art, 3D printing creations are becoming more and more popular.  But, more than this, the technology allows for the casual art enthusiast to experience the creative process, too.  Since various museums around the world have begun making their sculptures available for scanning, anyone with a 3D printer can create a perfect replica of a great sculpture.


Here are some replicas from around the world:

The Thinker, by Rodin

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This sculpture, which is bigger than life-size, shows a man deep in thought, or sleep, depending on your interpretation.  The original is sculpted from bronze, and is often used as a figure to represent philosophy.


Unknown Pleasures Album Cover

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The Joy Division album may not have been particularly liked by the band itself, but the cover art has been described as – dare we say it – iconic.  The image represents radio waves, originally drawn in white on a black background.  Now it has been brought to life, thanks to the 3D printer.


Memory, by Daniel Chester French

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French is arguably most known for his sculpture of Abraham Lincoln, which sits regally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.  However, being an incredibly accomplished sculptor, the majority of his work is of an impeccable standard.  This sculpture, created before his tribute to Lincoln, is still a great accomplishment, the replica of which could be yours with some 3D magic.


So, if you have all the figurines that your inner child ever desired, consider purchasing a 3D printer to create art for the sake of art, and for all of your other printing needs, look no further than DocX, whose printer hire Johannesburg trusts.

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