About Document Excellence (DocX)


Document Excellence (DocX) is a Xerox authorised partner and one of Johannesburg’s premier suppliers of document management and office automation products.

We commit to delivering Dynamic Sustainable Solutions.  We shall deliver leading edge Document and Product Solutions. We ensure a high code of ethics and Comprehensive Acknowledgement of Accountability and Security.

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Document Excellence has devoted themselves to the sales and maintenance of  Xerox printers and office equipment for almost 10 years, using their innovative and strong business model. John Goldie and his major accounts team, with over 30 years’ experience combined, has led Document Excellence from good, to great. Specialising in document management, turnkey printing solutions and office management, DocX has led the market in cost-effective document management solutions.


Document Excellence does not compromise when it comes to providing document management services, support, and pioneering ideas in the office industry. They ensure you have the latest printing and copying products at the best possible prices.


The modern office has become a complicated environment and DocX ensures that their clients’ printers and copiers are always available, and that printer supplies and office consumables are on-hand, from stationary to toner, to software and hardware.


DocX assists in all aspects of your office consumables, printers and software needs, and are renowned for our after-sales office automation service programs. Client retention is their focus and client satisfaction is what they achieve. They manage print services, printers, scanners, faxes, scan to email, office stationery, toners, PABX, cabling, and security cameras. They are a one-stop business solution.


Document Excellence has over 100 years’ combined sales experience, they have been awarded Bytes Document Solutions concessionaire of the year, and are also a platinum partner for Xerox.

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Document Excellence has over 100 years combined sales experience, we have also been awarded Bytes Document Solutions concessionaire of the year, and also a platinum partner for Xerox.


Email: Johng@docx.co.za
Phone: +27 (11) 234-2282

John Goldie

Managing Director

Email: belindag@docx.co.za
Phone: +27 (11) 234-2282

Belinda Goldie

Managing Director (West Rand)

Email: marionw@docx.co.za
Phone: +27 (11) 234-2282

Marion Westraat

Office Manager

Email: markw@docx.co.za
Phone: +27 (11) 234-2282

Mark Weston

Warehouse Manager

Phone: +27 (11) 234-2282

Craig Kedian

Service Manager

Phone: +27 (11) 234-2282

Mike Todd

Telecommunications Sales