A Journey Through the Decades of Xerox


A Journey Through the Decades of Xerox

There is no doubt that the name Xerox is synonymous with innovation. Indeed, Xerox has been in the document solutions industry for over a century. That is a lot of time to develop and perfect the art of manufacturing the best office printers in the world.

Strap on your backpack, lace up your boots and take a journey through the decades of innovation in Xerox printers and copiers with us now.


It all began in the early 20th century, when the Haloid Company ventured into the photographic paper business.


Haloid went public in order to raise funds from selling stocks, and only expanded from here.


Chester Carlson developed electrophotography technology in his spare time. If only we could all create such history-altering inventions in our free time! Electrophotography would later become known as xerography.


The Haloid Company and The Rank Organisation Plc. (UK) teamed up and the resulting company was called Rank Xerox. They expanded into Europe, and later on, also into Africa and Asia.


The Haloid Company changed its name to Haloid Xerox so that the public would have a better understanding of the business’s main service offering, which was xerography. A few years later, in 1961, the company became known simply as Xerox Corporation.


As always, Xerox was on the forefront of innovation and the company began to develop new products from salvaged metals in old photoreceptor drums. While this was the beginning of the company’s environmental awareness, it certainly was not the end, as many Xerox printers continue to be kinder to the environment.


Double-sided copying was introduced. While this may seem inconsequential to us now, at the time, it was revolutionary.


Copiers with power-down capabilities were presented to the commercial market and were yet another step toward a happier planet. Xerox also introduced their 10 Series copiers in this year, which were remarkable because they had microcomputers on-board.


Solid ink is utilised for the first time in the Phaser 850 colour printer and more than a decade later it’s still one of the most environmentally-friendly inks on the market. Moreover, it produces vibrant colours that are part of the Xerox quality standards.

Since 2000, Xerox has continued to win awards and do things that no one else has ever done, and we’re sure they’ll continue to do so for the next 100 years!
Our journey through the decades of Xerox’s history has come to an end, and it seems that we’ve only revealed a small account of the transformation of the company. But we have learned that, time after time for more than a century, Xerox has remained ahead of its competitors and brought fresh ideas to the printer copier market.

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