8 Current Trends in the Global Copier Printer Market

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8 Current Trends in the Global Copier Printer Market

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The global marketing manager of Xerox, Siddhartha Bhattacharya, recently gave an interview about the changing copier printer market around the globe, and his comments on the matter were pretty interesting. For one, he mentioned that, while the market may have seen a decline over the last couple years, there are certainly still massive opportunities for companies that provide solutions and innovations, like Xerox.

Bhattacharya discussed some of the more notable trends in the multifunction, copier printer market, as follows:

1. Mature market

The market has reached a peak in recent years, with a 2.6% compound annual growth through 2018, particularly applicable to smaller offices and businesses.

2. Single-Function Printers

Printers that can only perform a single function are on the decline, as many businesses these days are not seeing the value in purchasing a printer only, or in using only copier rental services – they want to do it all with one machine.

3. Black and White

One of the more surprising trends in the copier printer market is that black and white printers are still popular. There could be numerous reasons for this, one of the main ones likely being the high cost of ink.

4. A4 on the Rise

While A4 printers generally tend to be in the domain of the lower end of the market, they are picking up speed over A3 machines. Indeed, these days, A4 printers can come standard with many of the great features that higher end, A3 printers do, and many of them can also print larger sizes.

5. Scanning

Multi-function devices that provide a way to scan documents are becoming more and more a part of every business. People are moving away from stockpiling sheets of paper and opting for digital record-keeping instead.

6. Applications

As with all technology these days, enhancements centre on connecting devices to other devices, and to use applications that extend their usefulness. For example, more businesses are demanding the ability to integrate their cloud storage with their multi-function copier printer scanner machines.

7. Mobile printing

An unsurprising trend, mobile printing is becoming the norm now, with our fast-paced lives and connected world. In the workplace, this is known as BYOD (bring your own device) and Xerox, ever the innovators, are working on news ways to make mobile printing from multiple devices within a single office, a reality.

8. Managed Print Services

From basic print services to more specialised requirements, managed print services are saving businesses around the globe a lot of money, while still giving them the print quality that they desire, and so these services are on the rise.

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